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You’ll see a new splash page when you open the site as well as a new banner at the top of my blog.   This is a panorama, not big enough for Gigapan I’m afraid, of the Harvard Pond, in Harvard Forest, Petersham.  This is a lovely spot, right off Route 122.  We happened to be driving by and noticed this beautiful island with some very interesting tress.  The autumn foliage colors made the day.  Harvard Forest is owned by Harvard College and represents a significant effort on their part to engage in ecological research and practice related to forest management.  This is a very worthwhile place and you can read more about it here:

A new panorama from the Quabbin

I managed to create a panorama of one of my favorite locations at the Quabbin Reservoir, the Bridge at Gate 30. I say “managed” to create a panorama, which is not exactly true. I create quite a few of them, but they’re usually not sufficiently large for posting on Gigapan. Gigapan requires a 50 megabyte file, when it is a closed compressed JPEG. Photographers will note, that’s a pretty big file!  This was created with a Nikon D3x, an enormously gratifying camera with which to work.  The lens was the new NIkon 85 MM Tilt Shift, also amazingly sharp.  Enjoy. Here’s the link: