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Slyel and Ariel at the Ecotarium

I’ve had the great pleasure to work with the folks at the Ecotarium over the past several years, as a Trustee, but also as a photographer pro bono. The Ecotarium is Worcester, MA’s Museum of Science and Nature.  Check them out here.

Slydel, a young river otter, came to the Ecotarium three years ago.  He was originally to be part of a pair of otters (they very much like company), but alas, for a variety of reasons, he was on his own for about a year.  He was raised by some wonderful people there including Kathy Kennedy and Diane  Davis. Fortunately, the Ecotarium continued the search and last year, “Little Girl” as she was called also came to the Ecotarium.  Bringing two animals together isn’t without its challenges and I had a chance to capture this story over the course of a year, during which time Little Girl was named “Ariel” by public demand.  Turns out it’s not just a reference to the Disney character, but to her origins in Ariel Pennsylvania.  The resulting multi-media show, made for children, was great fun.  Have a look and enjoy.