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Great Trees of Worcester – The Rural Cemetary

As I continue to explore the great trees of Worcester, I have been guided recently by a most interesting work, Trees at Risk, by Evelyn Horwitz.  This outstanding book is really a history of Worcester, as the author takes us well beyond the role that the forest at first, and then the shade and park trees that came after the forest was destroyed, have played in the City. She’s an outstanding researcher/writer (though she is scholarly at times, those not up for a detailed compilation of the facts should be prepared to scan and skip as necessary) and her history has guided me to a range of new locations, including the Rural Cemetery, which is just off Grove St. The Rural Cemetery, actually a private institution, was inspired by the public health and aesthetic movements taking hold in the pre-Civil War era, in the U.S. The founders of the Rural Cemetery, the Lincolns and Salisburys among others were staunch believers in the value of wooded spaces, even while their business interests collided with the environment. This is a wonderfully peaceful place, the mood set in large measure by the wonderful Ash, Beach and Maple trees (to name just a view), that shade the grounds.  Some are obviously quite old, certainly dating back to the 1800’s if not back to the time of the founding of the Cemetery.

I don’t normally publish pictures of cemeteries on my web site, out of respect for those lost and those still here.  In the spirit of Memorial Day, and with an intent to encourage others to appreciate what we’ve got, I wanted to share a few of these images. The images are presented for educational purposes only.  I”m again working in infrared to create black and white images that I think speak to the grandure of the great trees of Worcester.

All images copyright (c) James M. Hunt, 2010, all rights reserved.

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