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Is it spring yet?

It was almost humorous to hear about the catastrophic snow fall in Atlanta, four inches. That’s about a 90 minute school delay here. Seriously, they aren’t used to it and it did cause them some real trouble I gather. We, however are used to it.  Or we better be, because tomorrow we’re going to get hit pretty hard it seems.  So, what about spring?  It’s not here yet evidently.  I’m spending some time this winter trying to sharpen up my flower photography in preparation for the spring and a more intensive exploration of wildflowers in Central Massachusetts.  Guess I don’t have to rush.  Here are a few flower shots to tide us over. I really enjoyed working with these little plants, courtesy of Chris:  Primrose plants from good old Big Y.  (Click on the images for a better view.)

Tech note:  These images didn’t receive a lot of post processing in photoshop.  The softness is the result of shooting through a soft filter, just like the old days.  Soft filters were frequently used for portrait photography as they hid a variety of issues, shall we say.  Same thing here.  The camera in use was the Nikon D7000, which is Nikon’s newest and to date it’s most pixel dense camera.  Thankfully, it is no where near Nikon’s most expensive.  They are going to sell a vast number of these cameras.

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