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Positive Energy in the Winter

There is a fair amount of negativity in the photographic world these days. Basically, it’s gotten to be much harder to earn a living.  Naturally that gets on people’s nerves resulting on occasion in a Lord of the Flys atmosphere. Luckily, I make my living in another field, but that doesn’t make me immune to the problem.  I was thinking about all that today and it occurred to me that I was perhaps over generalizing. There are great people, with positive energy, doing great things.

I began to list in my mind those who put positive energy into the culture and who I had the good fortune to meet along the way.  Right near the top of the list was commercial photographer, videographer and teacher Brian Tetrault.   I had the pleasure of studying multimedia under Brian at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts a few years back and I’m still consulting with him on some video work that hopefully you’ll see here some day, when he’s helped me make it presentable.  Any budding photographers or multimedia folks who are interested in learning more about their craft should take any opportunity to study with Brian.  Creative Directors should also take note of his work as well, because creative he is.

All of us in New England just endured two straight days of snow.  Some of us whinned (not me of course) and some of us made some good things happen. Ever think about how those icicles on your back window got to be so impressively large?  Here’s how Brian spent day two….  Enjoy.

Sorry to those of you trying to view this on a mobil device.  I don’t seem to be able to make that happen.  Not sure why but I’ll keep looking into it. Meanwhile, have a look on your computer when you get a chance.

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