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A Bouquet

Things are looking up.  The snow has stopped, for now, the roads are clear so it’s time to get back out into the field.  I’ll report back next week. Meanwhile, as I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been working on my flower photography, doing some new shooting as well as revisiting some older images, which is always interesting. This spring and summer one or our projects is going to involve a more systematic survey of some of the threatened and endangered species in the area, some of which are wild flowers.  Here are a few recent products of that work, a bouquet to a nice week of weather (I hope, am I jinxing us here???).  The first two are actually from the Quabbin.  (Click on the images for a better view.)

The background in flower photography is all important.  The background in the first two images is blurred and offers more of a romantic glow.  The blur is created by using a longer lens.  There are alternatives.   Turns out that New York City, from the 22nd floor, will do.  Here, I wanted to show the City.

Of course, if you get in close enough, the flowers provide their own background.

The last two are really my favorites.  As anyone who walks the city knows, wildflowers are everywhere, particularly in vacant lots (along with lots of other stuff, but that’s a another story).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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