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A Walk in the Gardens

We’re still waiting to move from early to middle spring.  Lines and shapes still dominate more than color.  This will change soon, but not yet.  We took a wonderful stroll along Commonwealth Ave. and through the Public Gardens in Boston.  I was hoping to create a small portfolio for some commercial work and wasn’t even thinking about nature.  I was looking more for the post card type of image, but what’s so interesting about that. Sometimes my imagination fails me. Then I opened my eyes.  “It’s the trees, stupid, the trees.”  Wonderful shapes and shadows were everywhere.  Boston takes care of its trees, at least these trees.  (Click on the images for a better view.)

They don’t stand apart from the cityscape along Comm. Ave.  They mingle with it.

Inside the Gardens themselves, Weeping Willows are already at work.

For a change of pace, here’s a Weeping Beach.  Who knew?

Looking more closely at the trees, there were quite a few surprises.  Not the least of which is the presence of a number of Redwoods.

So you’re not in Sequoia National Park, and the trees aren’t 2000 years old, but they are impressive nevertheless.  Life in the City.

We’ll return in the color.

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  1. Molly #

    Beautiful pictures! I wouldn’t normally have thought much about the trees either, but these are awesome!

    April 6, 2011
    • jameshuntphotography #


      April 7, 2011

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