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Happy Arbor Day

So many holidays, so little time!  Of course, two major faiths celebrated renewal over the past week.  At the same time we had Earth Day and today, Arbor Day.  Spring is busy.  But we shouldn’t be too busy to think about what could be our most important set of relationships on the planet, between humans and trees.  So here’s to the trees. Just to review.  This is where we were at a few months back.  (Click on the images for a better view.)

(The Lancer Oak, Worcester State University)  That was rough, but slowly, there were some signs of progress.

(Tufts Veterinary School, Grafton, MA)  Today, things looked pretty darn good.  As much as any other living entity, to me, trees track the course of our lives, most obviously through the seasons.

(Mixter-Nields Memorial Forest, New England Forestry Foundation, Hardwick, MA) And beyond.

The trees are a major source of the oxygen we breath! Without them, we are in big trouble.  And they also absorb carbon dioxide, one of the atmospheric gases responsible for global climate change.  So then, let us offer a toast to our trees around the globe and consider how we might do a better job of holding up our end of the relationship.  Happy Arbor Day.

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  1. Sandra #

    Happy Arbor Day, indeed. The leaves on red maple are almost out and about to celebrate. A pleasure. Thanks.

    April 30, 2011
  2. Great photos…nice blog!

    May 5, 2011
    • jameshuntphotography #

      Thank you!

      May 6, 2011

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