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What’s Left Over

I’ve been trying to get a reasonable shot of this location for the past few weeks. It’s not physically demanding but the lighting once again can be friend or foe.  The water is moving through a man-made canyon.  This is what is left over from the Quabbin Reservoir after the water has begun to tumble over the spillway.  I should add that this flow back to the Swift River is in addition to the water released from below the Winsor Dam, that keeps the Swift River alive and heading down to Connecticut.  Seems that when the Reservoir was built, the good folks in Connecticut said something like, “Hey, what are you doing with all that water???”  They said that in court, and the settlement required an on-going release of water regardless of the level in the Reservoir.  The spillway releases when the water gets high enough, which it has been this spring.  Back to the challenge, the canyon creates some really nasty shadows so when the light hits the white water and starts to glow, the difference in terms of F-stops between light and dark becomes sufficient to cause your camera to practically seize.  An overcast sky can help once again, alleviating that very wide “dynamic range.”  (Click on the image for a better view.)

Tech note:  Nikon D3s, and the Nikon 300 mm F4 AFS lens.  First time out with that wonderful piece of glass.  Old tech, but incredibly sharp.

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