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Things to do on a rainy day….

Just returned from a wonderful few days in Grafton, Vermont.  Grafton is a fascinating and beautiful town.  Just sings Vermont.  The weather however, was, shall we say, mediocre.  Obviously I can’t complain in light of the terrifying weather in the middle of the country or the flooding that is commencing in Burlington.  But photography in what is the equivalent to a giant soft box (a soft box is a very large diffused light source used in portrait photography) is less than inspirational.  I will post a few images of Grafton in my next blog, just for the sake of trying to communicate something about the area’s beauty.  The challenge for me is to come up with interesting imagery under such circumstances.  There are many approaches to the problem but the one to which I am increasingly drawn is that of focusing on interesting details, the kind of thing that is right under your nose, but often goes unnoticed.  In this case, I happened to be standing next to a very old and interesting barn, one that served several purposes.

No longer a home for horses, etc. (it’s actually now a bar:) it does serve as a stop over for our feathered friends.  This isn’t just decorative.  The noise coming out of this little bird highrise was deafening, telling me that my hanging around was not too welcome.  Nevertheless, I happened to notice the wood.  The patterns started to jump out at me and I worked quickly so as to keep piece with the birds.

There’s a lot of history in that wood.  More about Grafton the town next time.

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