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On the Road to Millington

You can reach the road to Millington via either Gate 29 or 30 in New Salem, Massachusetts.  The two entry ways converge about one half mile in.  Millington was a village of Dana, now underwater, of course.  There are quite a few cellar holes along the way, but the real witnesses are the character trees.  I’ve pointed them out before, back during the winter, but they present quite a different site in the early summer.  They standout from the pines and the vegetation by virture of their gestures.  Their shapes and the detail in their bark suggests a story.  Click on the images for a better view.

It is almost as though they are speaking to you, but not quite able to be understood.

And they certainly seem to be keeping an eye on things.

What is so striking to me about the trees is that they represent for the most part real artifacts of what was once the  life of these villages.  They dot the side of the road in an orderly fashion, clearly planted for the purpose of providing shade, syrup, play and  beauty.  In that sense they represent the last communications from those who were here.

We thank them.

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