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A New Portfolio – The Last Witnesses

I’m happy to announce the creation of a new portfolio at my web site, The Last Witnesses.  You can find it by clicking here, and then going to the portfolio drop down box.

All the residents of the four towns taken to create the Quabbin Reservoir, Enfield, Greenwich, Prescott and Dana, were off the land by late in 1938.  Their dwellings were removed to ground level, and most of the locations of their homes and farms were subsequently flooded.  You can still see signs of what was, however, at a number of the 55 gates that surround the Reservoir.  Probably the most famous site is at Dana Common, a two mile walk in at Gate 40.  There you can see the town Common with its roads and cellar holes.  You feel like you’re in a small New England town, except of course for the fact that you only see cellar holes.  No buildings, and no people.

There is another sign of life, however.  Along many of the paths and roads inside the gates, you will find trees that had obviously been planted, and cared for, by the residents.  You find them along the sides of roads, in meadows and at Dana Common.  These trees are now of course very old.  I’m guessing that some are over 150 years old.  But, amazingly, many are still open for business.  They seem to show their age in the winter, and the many twists, turns and gnarls of their branches suggests that they have seen much.  In the spring, however, most of these obviously quite tough maples and oaks seem to make a come back. Of course, there are many former residents of the four towns who are still very much alive.  These trees though still stand in the same locations as representations of the lives of those residents. They’ve been watching over the land, day in and day out, since 1938.  It seems likely that they will continue to be the last witnesses for many years to come.

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