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The iPhone Takes Manhattan

Taking a break from environmental concerns (and the yoyo of the stock market) we had a nice visit to Manhattan, courtesy of Al, Donna, Maya and Chester. While I was fully equipped with my Nikon’s, both film and digital, the iPhone got a lot of use, I think in part because it encourages the photographer to let go of reality (a state of mind that fits in quite well in Manhattan).  Some people can’t stand the City because it is so intense, so powerful, so awesome, and iPhone apps can help to capture that mood.

It’s not the objective reality.  In fact, at the risk of sounding heretical, I don’t think the camera in the phone is particularly good.  It’s the apps that allow you to capture the feeling in a way that can be more difficult with a traditional photographic instrument.

The round building was, I am told, the work home of one Mr. Bernard Madoff. Sometimes reality is every bit as frightening as anything we can imagine. I continue to be most impressed though with the iPhone’s love affair with flowers.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the lens in the phone is maybe the equivalent of a 40 mm lens (on a regular camera).  It’s pretty wide, and as is frequently the case with a wide angle lens, you can get in real close.

A rose by any other name…..

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  1. Looks like the iPhone is fun. I’ve not got into the apps for photography with mine yet. I really like the second one. Very film noir.

    August 16, 2011
  2. jameshuntphotography #

    Thanks Steve. The second is my favorite as well. You need to try these amazing apps. I don’t think it replaces work with a real camera, but it does give you a different spin on post processing. And the apps are amazing cheap, some are free.

    August 18, 2011

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