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Where the Road Meets the Sea

One of the many compelling attributes of the Quabbin Reservoir is the on-going dialogue of past and present.  Artifacts of the lost four towns and their residents can be found everywhere.  Some are easy to miss, like the character trees that line the old roads inside the Quabbin Gates.  (Click on the images for a better view.)

I’ve mentioned these before.  We noticed their visual presence almost from the first day of shooting here, but didn’t realize until later that they represented the aesthetics of the folks who  populated the towns.  In many places, the residents, some of them at least, clearly wanted shade and beauty along the sides of their roads.  These can be found at Gate 5 in Belchertown along what was once Enfield Road, now an extension of “Old” Enfield Road.  This was also state Route 21.

A closer look at the image, however, reveals something else.  The road goes directly into the Reservoir.  Not a terribly subtle reminder of the history of the Reservoir, not subtle at all.  In fact, this road resurfaces about 20 miles to the north at Gate 35 in New Salem.  What’s in between?  Water.

Lots and lots of water.  What you see here was once valley farmland.  I have to say that doing justice to this interesting site photographically has been a substantial challenge. Here’s a classic framing shot.

Historically accurate but artistically, I’m not sure.  The reality is, you can’t always get the picture that you want.  Here’s my favorite.

Some questions are better off left unanswered.

(Tech note:  Images taken with an infrared converted Nikon D200, converted to black and white in post production.)

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  1. Sandra #

    beautiful, as though in a dream

    September 1, 2011
  2. jameshuntphotography #

    Thanks Sandra. We have often thought that the Quabbin can at times give one the feeling of being in a dream. Perhaps it’s because the past is so close to the surface, and because it’s so isolated.

    September 5, 2011

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