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Fever Brook

Fever Brook runs into the Quabbin Reservoir after passing through the Federated Women’s Club State Forest.  You can reach Fever Brook by entering the Reservoir at Gate 37 in Petersham, Massachusetts. The drive to Gate 37 takes you through interesting farming territory.  There are a few suburban looking homes along the way, but most of the territory looks similar I’d guess to the way it looked back in the 1930’s. Obviously well kept, but there for the work.

While taking this shot, we suddenly heard the unmistakable sound of a large dump truck coming up behind us.  This is definitely not what one expects to see here.  It was a DCR truck. (Division of Conservation and Recreation of the State of Massachusetts) A nice young man jumped out and began to survey the area right underneath our feet, where the old road goes over the Brook which is nearly ready to enter the Quabbin.  He explained that this particular area was subject to severe flooding if the opening beneath the road were to become clogged with debris (from say, a Beaver Dam, just a 100 yards or so upstream).  This was just a few days before Hurricane Irene paid us a visit and it was his job to look for trouble spots in anticipation of the storm.  The encounter served as a strange reminder to us of the nature of our interactions with nature even in this, one of the most isolated locations in the State.

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