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The Delicate Balance

OK, so what is wrong with this picture?

Actually, if you’re from New England, this is a softball question to be sure.  The answer is now burned indelibly on your mind. Pretty fall foliage, just past peak, leaves falling onto the fresh white snow…. This is a really really bad combination. The night before, the scene looked more like this.

Just three weeks later and this collision would not have occurred.  Eight inches of snow in New England?  Water off a ducks back.  (Frozen water, but still.)  No big deal. Nobody gets hurt unless they are driving crazy.  And fall foliage?  We love it.  But the two just don’t mix.  We are reminded by such events of the very delicate balance that exists in nature.  Trouble can be far closer than we imagine.  A minor adjustment in climate here, an accident there and the results can make life very difficult for us.  Perhaps we should be cautious about tipping the balance.

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