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Images that Change the World – Updated

I recently had a wonderful video drawn to my attention by Stephen Gingold, a terrific nature photographer from central/western Massachusetts.  (You can catch up with Stephen’s blog here.)  The video, only about three minutes long, presents the work of Philip Hyde.  Hyde was a student of Ansel Adams and one of the founders of what might now be called the environmental photography movement.  Hyde’s work raised awareness of man’s impact on the environment and provoked a number of critically important conservation initiatives.  As we contemplate the fact that this year humanity resumed increasing the amount of carbon dioxide we pump into the atmosphere, the fracking of rocks to find natural gas (which will greatly impact the water supply in places like Pennsylvania) and the recent effort in the House of Representatives to link continuing the tax cut for the middle class in the US to the building of an unneeded sludge pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast (those two things have a lot in common now don’t they), Hyde’s memory seems more relevant than ever.  Oh, and he was also an incredibly gifted photographer.

Update:  This blog has proven quite popular which is great, but, typical for me, I neglected to provide you more information about Philip Hyde and his recent exhibit. You can find that at the blog written by his son, This is one of the most interesting and sophisticated blogs on environmental, nature and landscape photography on the web. If this is an interest of yours, check it out.

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  1. A spectacular collection of environmental photography. It reinforces the need for sustainable development and responsible practices in relation to development of infrastructure and communities. As the world continues to develop and the global population increases, the challenges relating to preservation of nature, wildlife, and natural resources will continue to grow. Pictures such as these bring us back to the realization of how precious our natural environment is to the survival of the planet and all life who call it home.

    December 11, 2011
    • jameshuntphotography #

      Indeed. This video is related to a new exhibition of his timeless work. Seems more relevant today than ever. Thanks for stopping by.

      December 11, 2011

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