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Still Rambling – Back at Elm Park

When you’re close to a great location, return visits are often very rewarding.  You can develop a level of intimacy with place.  You start to suspect that you’ll see things differently along certain paths.  And of course, you experience the location in different weather and different light.  So back to Elm Park (Worcester, MA, USA) we go, once again accompanied by the increasingly trusty Nikon V1.  Love that little camera and it fits right into the overcoat pocket.  For those who want to know, the lens that is usually on the camera is the 10 – 100 mm zoom.  It’s really a power zoom for video, but it covers a lot of territory, focal length wise.  That range is the equivalent  to 28 – 280 mm on a full frame 35 mm camera.  The reflections in the pond continue to call out, as though they have a life of their own.  (Click on the image for a slightly better view.)

Honestly, not a lot of photoshop post processing here. Pretty much point shoot and print.

I did, however, flip all three in terms of orientation.  When you’re standing on the shoreline, the reflections are of course upside down.  Here’s the old Fire Alarm Building along Park Ave.  This is actually a two image panorama.

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