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How Warm Is It?

Being laid up with a cold is bad for one’s photography, but does provide opportunities to think.  It’s very warm.  Almost frighteningly so, for the most part.  But how unusual is this?  Naturally I was drawn to my catalogue of images from this time last year and the results were fairly surprising.  These are from late March, and early April, 2011.  The first is from Hadwen Arboretum, March 28.  It had snowed a few weeks earlier, but the snow was gone and the ground was largely bare.

From Grafton, Massachusetts, on April 2.  Getting some fog as the humidity rises in the air and the warmer temperature nears the dew point.  The evaporation of what’s left of the snow is helping in the formation of the fog I would guess.

So it was starting to get warm last year maybe two or three weeks later than this year, but still, in spite of all the snow we had in the winter of 2010-11, the warm up was relatively speedy.  If you really want to know how things stand, here is a chart of the global temperature published by (and courtesy of ) NASA.  This is a measure of the overall temperature from around the globe, so local fluctuations, which are considerable, are largely smoothed out.  This is a measure of climate, rather than weather.  You can find the link to NASA’s press release here.

Notice anything?

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