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What We Have

It seems that we, meaning us humans, are going to continue getting in our own way for a while longer.  I’m reminded of the joke about the Chimp who made it clear that he didn’t believe in evolution.  On religious grounds?  Nope.  He didn’t want himself and his kin to be blamed for the craziness we perpetrate on one another.  I think he was off on scientific grounds, but I see the point.  Weekend events in Colorado remind us just how fleeting life can be.  We happened to be driving through Quabbin Park in the evening last Friday and in the quiet, came upon, an alternative perspective.  The Quabbin is also one of the most spiritual places in New England, as the locals well tell you.  There are many reasons for that, but part of it may be the fact that, so close to busy Route 9, is another world, one that takes you away from this one.

If we’re lucky, we have our families.

It’s good to be alive.  Sometimes, it’s even fun.

Tech notes:  80% of life is showing up.  Wildlife comes out in the evening.  Nikon D4, 70 – 200 mm lens, with a TC 1.7 teleconverter.  It was dark, so the ISO was pushed to around 1600.

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  1. What a very nice collection of fawn images, James. Yes, the Quabbin Reservation is definitely a great place for escapism. I always enjoy the fact that a few minutes amble down one of the gates gets us pretty well removed from the vehicle noises and allows us to hear the woods.

    July 23, 2012
  2. Sandra #

    OMG … thank goodness you have the pictures to help you (and me) believe what you saw. The fawns are unbelievably beautiful, flirtatious almost. Thank you.

    July 23, 2012

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