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It’s Teddy Time!

It hasn’t been a great month for field photography, witness the lack of posts on the old blog.  Too many commitments close to home, even though some are quite small.  So, look for photo ops where you can be, not just where you can’t. I always have loved portrait photography, and had some good experiences with it, but just haven’t had the opportunity for the past few years.  What to do?  Ah yes, those small commitments. I bet I know where I can get a somewhat cooperative model, for a price. Here’s Teddy….

A distinguished looking fellow to be sure.  But is it me, or does he look like he just did something that maybe he shouldn’t have?

I forgot though, that when you shoot portraits, you have to have some help from time to time.  LIke a hair stylist.

Oh well, we’ll keep at it.  Take a bow Teddy!


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  1. Sandra #

    Soo cute, this Teddy. You captured bits of his puppyhood well.

    August 13, 2012

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