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New Exhibition and Print Sale

I’m very happy to announce that my good friends at the Art Emporium in Westborough, Massachusetts have honored me by holding a small exhibition and print sale of my work, beginning today.  This exhibition is going to be a bit different for me in that the theme is really drawn more from the visual impact of the imagery than the content of the image itself.  I’m calling the collection Abstract Scenes though they are not all abstract.  Several of them represent nearly point and shoot experiences that took place because I was in the right place at the right time.  It was the experience of the color (from the scene, not from photoshop) that gave one an other worldly experience.  One of my favorites was from Rock House Reservation, in West  Brookfield, Massachusetts, not far from the Quabbin Reservoir.

Everything about what was happening at the scene at that moment conspired to intensify and saturate the color.  The blue sky, the reflections, the clouds, the leaves in the water, the foliage along the shoreline and the fact that it had just rained (which saturates reds in particular) made walking out to the location (right off Route 9) almost paralyzing.  I went back one day later and it was over.

Normally though, you’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to get such powerful light.  These first two were of an abandoned pier just off the shore at Ocean City, New Jersey (not Maryland) shot at sunrise.

This final image, representative of some of the images in the exhibition, was shot at sunset at Cape May, New Jersey.  After sunset, with very little luck, there is a about a ten minute window in which everything in the sky turns blue. This shot was captured after about an hour’s wait, at the same location.

I want to thank Ed Turner, the owner of the Art Emporium (and someone who has long supported my work) for holding this exhibition and sale.  Please stop by if you’re interested and in the area.



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  1. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner, James. Congratulations and I hope you are seeing a lot of traffic and interest in your photography. Best of luck.

    October 25, 2012
  2. Thanks Steve! I hope to get out to Amherst and see yours this weekend, as they say, God willing and the creek don’t rise. Unfortunately, that’s not a sure thing! If Sandy visits us, the impact on the forests around the Quabbin could be significant, so I hope to keep an eye on that as well.

    October 26, 2012

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