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More Strange Tails from The Quabbin

We all found out over the last two days (something that the Rangers at the Quabbin Reservoir, source of drinking water for half of Massachusetts, have been saying for a long time) that the Reservoir is so big that  terrorists would have to drive in more than several truck loads of toxins into the Reservoir to do any harm.  Nature is that powerful, when scaled up to this size.  Of course we found this out because the State Police arrested a group of mid-night trespassers causing significant alarm.  But it seems that perhaps they were just being dumb.  (It also appears that they may have parked their cars in front of the “no trespassing when closed” sign a few hundred yards from the State Police Barracks.  I don’t think these people will make successful criminals if that is there career plan.)  Add another story to the list for this rather amazing place.  We also learned through the press that they’re actually not pumping water from the Reservoir to Boston at this moment.  The water level does seem to be rising a bit.  These are from Pepper Mill Pond, just before you enter the first Gate to Quabbin Park if you’re traveling west on Route 9, in Ware, Massachusetts.  This is a someone isolated pond for how close it is to the road but it appears to be full  (Other locations such as Hanks meadow do not.)  Like many of the streams around the Reservoir, there is evidence of the dynamism of the forest.  That dynamism creates its own ambiguity and stokes the imagination.  Click on the images for a better view.


The fishermen are there of course.  One told us this morning that he’d been visited by a bear when he first arrived.  Yet another story.


My exhibition of work, Quabbin Memories, Boston’s Water, continues at the Jewish Community Center of Worcester.  I want to thank Nancy Greenberg from the JCC and Ron Rosenstock, famed nature photographer for making this possible and now I’m happy to thank all those who have come to see the work, including reporters Christine Peterson and  Richard Duckett from the Worcester Telegram and Gazzette.  Christine created the video below which is currently posted on the Telegram Blog, and on Youtube.  Christine did a great job considering what (who) she had to work with! Thanks Christine.

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  1. Congratulations on the showing, James. And the same for the video. It is very nice to hear your thoughts as well as seeing your framed images on the walls. Much success and good reviews.

    May 18, 2013
  2. Thanks so much Steve. You know how these things go. A little bit of progress and a lot of let’s wait and see! The video was interesting to be a part of, to see how modern photojournalists work. Christine was carrying two cameras, a Nikon D300 for still and a Canon camcorder for video. Such is the brave new world of photography.

    May 26, 2013

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