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The Dike in Winter

I remain challenged by the great structures that hold back the waters of the Swift River, creating the Quabbin Reservoir.  They are big, but also quite beautiful in their own way.  What has become clear is that you have to get out there to photograph in many different conditions, varying the light, the sky, the wind, etc.  We had a fairly decent snowfall earlier this week, which presented the opportunity to explore Goodnough Dike, inside Quabbin Park (Ware, Massachusetts) in a new way.


The snow was pristine.  Coming from the city, where of course the snow turns grey (and a variety of other colors) very quickly, it was refreshing to see a kind of purity.  That purity, however, was disrupted by a young man, probably around ten, who decided he wasn’t going to take the road up to the top of the Dike.  He was going straight up.


He did make it.  A testament to Yankee fortitude perhaps.  His trail begins at the bottom of this image.  Enjoy the weather.