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A Bit of Gratitude

It is Memorial Day in the United States.  This is a day on which we remember those we have lost.  In particular of course we remember those who sacrificed so much to maintain our freedoms and our way of life, as well as our family members and friends.  I don’t handle loss particularly well, but I am reminded on days like this that we have a great deal to be thankful for, so I’ll take it in that direction.  Here’s a very short video I made recently of something for which we all should be grateful (or at least those of us who are lucky enough to have access to it) fresh drinking water.  This is from Fever Brook as it cuts its way through the Federated Women’s Club State Forest in New Salem, Massachusetts.  Fever Brook feeds into the Quabbin Reservoir, source of drinking water for much of Eastern Massachusetts.  Our drinking water exists in large measure because of the sacrifice of those who came before us.  Sacrifice, painful as it is, is what makes all of what we value possible.   (This video looks infinitely better in HD, but if you don’t have a good connection, hit the HD button in the lower right and you’ll see it at a lower resolution.)

Tech Note:  This video was actually shot on the new Panasonic GH4, in 4K believe.  It is then down sampled to give a better looking HD video, at least that’s the theory.  We’re still working on the implementation here I think but you will hopefully see some better work in the future.

Exhibition at the Brush Gallery in Lowell, Massachusetts

I’m pleased to let you know, and should have done so sooner, that I have several images hanging at the Brush Gallery, in Lowell, Massachusetts, as part of their current show, The Colorful World of Black and White.


The exhibition was curated by Ron Rosenstock who have mentioned many times before.  I am obviously, biased, but it is a wonderful show.  I would guess that there are perhaps as many as 50 pictures in the show and nearly all of them seem engaging, at least to me.  All are in black and white, mostly printed digitally I would guess, but some were also printed in the wet darkroom.  My three images are all from the Quabbin project.


Including one that is quite recent.


This was all part of Lowell Photography Weekend. I had not been to Lowell in years.  The city has a strategy, anathema to some but it seems to be working in this case.  The old Mill Buildings are slowly being turned into artist galleries of many sorts, retail space, restaurants, etc.  Perhaps most importantly from a business point of view, all these efforts are generating customers as well as preserving an incredible architectural resource.  The place was jumping on Saturday afternoon.  It has a good vibe as they say.  I’d encourage you to stop by if you’re interested.  The exhibition runs through June 14.


The Brush regularly promotes fine art photography with their exhibitions.  I want to thank the Brush and Ron for their encouragement.