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Cape Cod Waters

My title is quite presumptuous given the incredible variety of waters surrounding Cape Cod in Massachusetts.  The Cape is all about water.  The land beneath your feet there is shifting and changing with the storms and the rising of the ocean.  I had the pleasure of spending a few days there recently with Tony Sweet, one of my favorite photographers and one of the best photography teachers I’ve ever known.  You can’t spend any time with him without learning something about photography, vision and even yourself.  One thing for sure, his schedule helps.  He rises well before the sun, something I have very mixed feelings about (to put it mildly).  But it is worth it.

The water remains my interest as it represents one of the clearest venues for looking at the interaction of civilization and nature.  From Rock Harbor.  Taken after sunset, yes the colors really are that intense.  Those who come to watch the sun set, without cameras, typically applaud the show at its close.  You can see the pine trees in the water, some adorned with signs for boaters.

_DSC7894 _DSC7885

Grays Beach offers an even more compelling view of the changing shore line.  The marshes there literally change form in a very short period of time.  The “canals” may be in a very different locate next year this time.


This sand spit is growing, and extends far to the left.  A change that took less than five years and continues unabated.


The Cape, in off season, is worth the effort.