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Thanks for the Thanksgiving Shots

Had a wonderful weekend in Newport, Rhode Island with the family.  Increasingly we like to hit the road for Holidays.  Newport was festive, in a quiet sort of way.  Walking from the hotel to the restaurant we noted the incredible sunset scene over the harbor.  I had the camera, but it was pretty dark.  My wonderful daughter Molly suggested using one of the pier pilings for a camera support.  ISO up to 3200 and here we go.  This is real panorama so you’re going to have to click on it to enjoy.

Thanks Molly!  Newport is known for its mansions, but it’s really about the sea.  I chose to focus on the sea for this visit.  In the Harbor, terrific reflections for abstracts. (The remaining images are smaller panoramas, still worth a click.

Along the eastern Cliff Walk, the Ocean.



Much to be Thankful for….

Weekend in Newport Rhode Island

Had a terrific weekend with the family in Newport Rhode Island.  Definitely a good locale for travel photography.

I was inspired by the walk over the Goat Island Causeway to create a panorama, now up at  Click here for

The Goat Island Causeway Panorama.

We had one beautiful evening…

But then the weather went down hill, requiring a bit more imagination…

Maybe there were just too many boats….

Oh well, no one had to walk the plank.  I hope.

(Images copyright (c) 2010 James M. Hunt, James Hunt Photography.  All rights reserved.)