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The Biggest Threat to Quabbin Forests

There’s significant controversy in Massachusetts now regarding forest management and threats to the wonderful resource that is our forest. Unfortunately, that threat can come in many forms.  I was out today at Hanks Meadow, inside the Quabbin Park.  It’s a lovely spot even on a cloudy windy day, but here’s what we saw looking across the Reservoir.   This is Pine Needle Scale.  An invasive organism that is killing certain types of pine trees throughout the Reservoir Watershed.  Where do such hazards come from?  Invasive species and diseases represent a growing threat to our natural resources largely because of domestic and international trade and travel.  (Just ask the folks in Worcester Massachusetts whose trees were disseminated by the Asian Long Horn Beetle, which is carried in cargo ships in wooden palettes.)   More on the hazards of  being a tree in upcoming posts.  This is a panorama so you’ll have to click on the image to view it properly.

Here’s another image from a different part of the Quabbin Park, near the Spillway.

This thing is quite serious.  That is NOT fall foliage.


I’m very involved in creating panoramas, and you can see, in small size, some of that work here. I’ll be posting more of my panoramas on which is a fascinating site, sponsored my organizations such as NASA. Look around when you get the chance. You’ll see a pano that I did in early August from a roof top in New York City, if you go to