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Farewell to the Fall Foliage

Fall in New England is definitely photography season.  Though actually any season is “photography season” if you play your cards right.  But fall brings with it color.  Our eyes are have been trained by evolution to see green.  That’s where there’s food and where other critters tend to hide.  Being good at seeing green is as such helpful. That’s what we do for a living.  What we really like, however, is color, red and yellow in particular.

These are a few final shots from this past fall.  The image above was taken on a very windy day at Gate 35 in the Quabbin Reservoir.  Below, Silver Cascade in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Now we move to a different color palette.  (The Quinapoxet River, West Boylston, MA)

And I get the urge for going.  (Thank you Joni Mitchell.)