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On Exhibit at the Griffin Museum of Photography

Things have been a bit slow on the photography front as alas, I’m still fighting off the poison sumac and the various complications that resulted from that joyful experience.  Things seem to be improving once again, so here is hoping.  Meanwhile, I’m once again grateful to the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA. for the opportunity to show a few pieces of my work.  The images below are hanging in the current Atelier exhibition, which runs until September 28.  If you like photography and live in eastern or central Massachusetts, the Griffin is an incredible resource. The Atelier is lead by Meg Birnbaum who continues to be an inspiration and a guide.  If you can’t make it…(click for a larger image).  These are from the collection “Erosion” from Manteo along the Outer Banks of North Carolina.



Weekend in Newport Rhode Island

Had a terrific weekend with the family in Newport Rhode Island.  Definitely a good locale for travel photography.

I was inspired by the walk over the Goat Island Causeway to create a panorama, now up at  Click here for

The Goat Island Causeway Panorama.

We had one beautiful evening…

But then the weather went down hill, requiring a bit more imagination…

Maybe there were just too many boats….

Oh well, no one had to walk the plank.  I hope.

(Images copyright (c) 2010 James M. Hunt, James Hunt Photography.  All rights reserved.)